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Viora Skin Tightening: Non Surgical Facelift for Sagging Skin

Viora Skin TighteningYour face is one of the first places to give away your age. Unfortunately wrinkles and sagging skin make it difficult to cover up the fact that you are aging. Yes, you can try to slow the aging process down with Botox or some of the other non-surgial, facial cosmetic services but the bad news is if your wrinkles are associated with loose skin, these treatments will have little effect. So what other option do you have? Surgery? For most, the idea of have a surgical facelift can be scary...not to mention expensive.

Well, here's some good news...

The Viora Reaction can give your face a natural "lift" and tighen sgging skin without going under the knife. That's right. This skin tightening treatment applies bi-polar RF energy to heat the dermis (deper layer of the skin) thereby strengthening tissue fibers and dermal collagen to improve skin laxity, sagginess and texture.

Using proprietary CORE™ technology and an integrated skin cooling mechanism, the applied RF energy stimulates fibroblasts in the dermis to improve the skin's elasticity, enhance collagen secretion and induce the production of pro-collagen for long-term results.

How to Lose a Double Chin Without Surgery?

As the years march on, besides the wrinkles, many of us develop excessive fat deposits and sagging skin in the neck and jaw line areas (the dreaded double chin). While diet and exercise can help you lose fat in other areas of the body, they have little effect on fatty deposits about the chin and neck. In the past, the only viable treatment option for these patients was plastic surgery or liposuction. Fortunately, the Viora Reaction now offers a third option that is completely non-surgical and non-invasive.

The Reaction by Viora combines the mechanism of advanced Radiofrequency energy (rf energy) and vacuum therapy to contour and tightening lax skin on the face.  After the first treatment, you'll immediately notice smoother contours and an overall improvement in skin texture and laxity.

To see a video of an actual patient after just one neck and chin treatment using the Viora Reaction to help her get rid of a double chin, CLICK HERE now.

FREE Viora Skin Tightening Consultation for Loose, Sagging Skin and Cellulite:

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