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Common Questions About Laser Lipo & Laser Fat Removal:

Lipotherme Laser Lipo is an affordable way to get the body you desire without the downtime associated with traditional liposuction. Below you will find answers to some of the common questions we get about Laser Fat Removal and Skin Tightening with Lipotherme by Osyris.

Lipotherme Laser Liposuction and Laser Fat Removal Questions and Answers

A: Lipotherme Laser Lipo procedure involves placing a small canulla (approximately 2.0 mm in diameter) containing a laser fiber into the skin. The canulla is used with a back and forth motion delivering the laser's energy to the fat cells, causing them to rupture and easily drain away. Only local anesthesia is used at the entry point for the canulla and tumescent anesthesia is used to create lift between the fat and muscle layers. As an added benefit of LipoTherme, the heat produced during the treatment creates a skin contraction effect, helping create a more balanced skin texture.

A: Laser Lipo can be performed on any area traditional Liposuction is used. To see some of the results we have gotten using the Lipotherme Laser Liposuction System, simply click here to watch our Laser Liposuction reviews from prior patients in New Jersey or visit our Laser Liposuction NJ before and after photo gallery. I think you'll agree when my patients say, "Lipotherme Laser Liposuction really works."

A: Lipotherme is used to treat localized fat deposits in the following areas: Face (chin), Knees, Back, Abdomen, Arms, Thighs, Hips, Obliques (love-handles)

A: With the growing market for body sculpting, LipoTherme is the ideal tool for reducing localized fat deposits. Benefits range from overall circumference reduction, targeting troublesome areas (not affected by exercise and diet), as well as skin contraction. LipoTherme is a great balance between overall results and patient satisfaction.

A: Because healing and metabolic rates are different with everyone, results following a LipoTherme treatment usually require 12 to 16 weeks to become fully apparent. Optimal results are between 3-6 months on average. Clients have seen dramatic improvements within 1 to 2 weeks after the treatment, but some areas such as the neck and jaw can show results faster.

A: Primarily LipoTherme treatments are considered a “one-time” treatment but results can vary depending on how well the patient follows post-operative guidelines. After the “final” results are achieved if the patient and/or physician are not satisfied with the results a “touch-up” treatment can be performed.

A: Upon arrival at the clinic a Patient History Questionnaire will be completed and reviewed by the physician to ensure that you are a candidate; this is for your health and safety. Also, a list of contra-indicated medications will be given for you to review. These medications may interfere with the LipoTherme procedure and will be addressed by the physician during your visit.

A: Absolutely! Lipotherme was developed by a team of European researchers and thousands of satisfied patients have benefited from it and  has been approved by the FDA for use in the United States.

A: Laser Lipo is very afforable at our office. We offer a simple, per area pricing plan starting as low as $1,295 for abdominal liposuction as well as no credit financing and second area discounts. With our Body Shaping Plans featuring Lipotherme Laser Lipo, you don’t have to spend a small fortune or break the bank to look great!.

FREE Laser Lipo Body Shaping & Skin Tightening Consultation:

As with any form of surgery, we recommend a patient do plenty of research to find the best surgeon who has regularly had good results with the procedure you are interested in. To see some of our work or to see an actual prcedure being performed, click here now. To schedule a FREE Laser Lipo Body Shaping & Skin Tightening Consultation, click here now. To order your FREE copy of the Looking Good Feeling Great report: Laser Lipo: The Secret to a Slimmer, Sexier Your, visit our Free Resources page. 

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