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Visia_MachineThe VISIA™ Complexion Analysis System does what no skin care professional can do with the naked eye alone. That is, to have the ability to see the condition of your skin both on the surface and below!

With this, we can now give you the ability to see your face like never before, while scientifically determining what treatments can help “reverse” the aging process.

The Secret To VISIA™ Is Computerized, High-Resolution Digital Imaging.

What on earth does that mean?  Well, in plain english, VISIA™ takes specialized high-tech photos, which capture the details of your face with laser precision, to reveal critical information about six key areas, which affect your healthy complexion and appearance including wrinkles, pores, spots, color symmetry, bacteria, and damage from overexposure to sun.

Your VISIA™ Complexion Analysis gives you a simple, clear and totally easy to understand report of every inch of your face, as an important part of skin care consultation.

How Does Your Skin “Measure Up” to Others?
Another exciting benefit VISIA™ provides is comparing your skin profile to others of the same age, skin type and ethnic or genetic heritage. For example, if your profile showed you had a 75th percentile score on wrinkles… that would mean you have fewer wrinkles than 75 percent of people in your same gender, age and skin color group.


The VISIA system's multi-spectral imaging and analysis provides a clear, multidimensional portrait
of the individual aspects of your complexion which contribute to your overall appearance.

Here's a sample of findings found in a typical VISIA™ Complexion Analysis report...


Personalized notes for Mary Shelton
Session: 03/22/03

Photo damage above average for age and skin type, adversely affecting evenness and UV spots scores. Pores score relatively low despite use of makeup. Wrinkle scores slightly below average and highly concentrated about the external canthus. Recommended skin care regimen: 1) use of moisturizing sun-blocks of SPF 30 (or better) and avoiding prolonged exposure to the sun, 2) six treatments of IPL or microdermabrasion to improve evenness and UV spots 3) Botox treatment to decrease the appearance of peri-orbital wrinkles.

Taking the Guess Work Out of Skin Care...

With the infomation VISIA provides, we are now able to take all the guesswork out of diagnosing your unique skin needs and can accurately customize your facial rejuvenation program. Plus, with “before and after” imaging, VISIA also lets you see the improvements you’re making over time from the various skin procedures we offer here at our office; such as Botox®, Juvederm®, Photofacials, Microdermabrasion and Chemical Peels.

VISIA is truly a revolutionary technological advancement, which scientifically produces a “blueprint” to your perfect healthy and vibrant complexion.”

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To order a FREE copy of the infomative Looking Good, Feeling Great™ medical report: VISIA™: Changing the Face of Skin Care, visit the FREE Resources section of our website.
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