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Celebrating Independence Day with Your Kids
Sunday, 17 June 2012 19:00

Independence_Day_Celebration_Ideas_For_Your_ChildrenIndependence Day is a fun holiday to celebrate with kids. For one thing, it's in the summer, when there are not any fun holidays in sight.

There are so many things you can do to celebrate Independence Day with your kids besides just viewing fireworks.

Here are some ideas.

Independence Day offers some unique crafting opportunities for celebrating with your kids. Here are some ideas.

-Patriotic Pinwheels
Make these mobile crafts using red, white, and blue card stock, unsharpened pencils, and a thumb tacks. You'll also need scissors.

First, cut 2 pieces of card stock into squares (if the paper is 9" by 11", just cut 2" off the 11" end of each piece). Then, fold the squares into triangles; then fold the triangles in half to make smaller triangle. Unfold, and then use the scissors to cut 4 slits halfway along the fold lines. Take the lower right corner of each triangle (created by the fold lines) and bend it to the center. Do this with all lower right corners until all 4 corners are on top of each other in the center. Use the thumb tack to secure them, then push the end of the thumb tack into the pencil's eraser.

Use beads to make all kinds of crafts, from headbands (thread beads at intervals onto stretchy cloth), bracelets, and necklaces. Beads can be sewn or glued with fabric glue onto tote bags or tee shirts. Beads can be adapted to fit most age groups, making them a versatile craft idea.

Kids love to celebrate with special treats! Independence Day lends itself to fun foods. You can dress up store-bought foods or make your own. Invest in some red, white, and blue sugar and sprinkles, and let your imagination go! Here are some ideas.

-Dip the ice cream sides of ice cream sandwiches into candy sprinkles (or just sprinkle red and blue candies/sugar on vanilla ice cream).
-Mix strawberries, blueberries, and mini marshmallows together into a sweet "salad."
-Use blue corn chips to make patriotic snacks - salsa and cream cheese or sour cream can be the red and white. You can also melt white cheddar onto the chips and top with a slice of cherry tomato.

Kids love games! Here are some ideas for Independence Day ones.

-Patriotic Pass-the-Egg
Who says dyeing eggs is just for Easter? Dye some eggs red and blue (leave some white) for a patriotic twist on this classic party game. You can get creative as to how the eggs are passed down the lines of participants. One popular way to play the game is to have 2 lines of players. Everyone in line gets a spoon (red, white, and blue plastic spoons would be good!). The first player at the start of each line runs to a point with his egg in his spoon, then back to the line to pass the egg to the next player in line. Participants can't touch the egg during transfer; it must be passed using the spoons only. The first line to finish wins.

-Outdoor Games
Since it's summer, outdoor lawn games, races, tag, and other active games you wished you could play in winter can be brought out now! If the weather is bad, go for puzzles (print out a patriotic design onto card stock, glue it onto cardboard, and cut with a box cutter), or read children's stories about the first Independence Day.

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